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2701 He accompanied General Ludlow to Ireland. He acquired large estates in counties Galway, Tipperary, Clare and King's County. He built Eyrecourt Castle. In 1662 he was granted the Manor of Eyrecourt with powers to empark. He was appointed Privy Counsellor (P.C.). He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Galway.1He held the office of High Sheriff of County Galway in 1681. Eyre, Colonel Rt. Hon. John of Eyrecourt, Co. Galway, PC, MP, Coloniser (I225)
2702 Y-DNA analysis of Robert's descendants shows that Robert was descended in the male line from the Grants of Corrimony in the Braes of Glenurquhart. The first Grant of Corrimony, John Grant, was a younger son of John Grant 2nd of Freuchie (called Am Bard Ruadh) and his wife Margaret, daughter of Sir James Ogilvie, of Deskford. There is no record of when he was born, but from the circumstance that his father and mother were married in 1484, the date may approximately be fixed as between the years 1487 and 1490. On 8th December, 1509, he received a Charter under the Great Seal of the Barony of Corrimony, from King James IV. [The Grants of Corrimony by Sir Francis J Grant] Grant, Robert 42nd Regiment, descendant of Grants of Corrimony, Glenurquhart (I15)
2703 Year as given in Balgair trial evidence. Galbraith, Andrew of Dublin (I622)
2704 Year as given in Burke's Landed Gentry 1862 - see Bowen of Bowenscourt, Co. Cork. Family (F82)
2705 Year calculated from age stated on marriage licence bond. Crewe, Arthur Gentleman of Highworth, Wiltshire (I4889)
2706 Year calculated from age stated on marriage licence bond. Kemble, Mary (I4887)
2707 Year calculated from Canterbury Art Gallery bio of her brother, the artist Alfred Wilson Walsh. Walsh, Catherine Frances "dau of Capt Walsh of the Imperial Army" (I7)
2708 Year estimated from parents being married in 1562 and Joan was daughter and heir of her father Nicholas Eve who died in 1569. She may of course have had older siblings who died before 1569.  Eve, Joan daughter & heir of Nicholas Eve of Chelmsford, Essex (I2163)
2709 Year from bio of Alfred Wilson Walsh and IGI entry [to be checked]. Family (F48)
2710 Year of birth an approximation - a guess only because William had children later then his putative brother Duncan. Munro, William Tenant farmer in Culloden (I4475)
2711 Year of birth an approximation from age at marriage Edwards, John Yeoman of Liddington, Wiltshire (I4561)
2712 Year of birth calculated from 1851 census, but conflicts. Is this perhaps Elias, or a twin of Sarah? Rumsey, William Mortimer (I5083)
2713 Year of birth calculated from 1901 and 1911 census returns. Kennedy, Margaret (Maggie) from Crusheen, Co Clare (I43)
2714 Year of birth calculated from age at death as appears on funerary hatchment of her husband Francis in the parish church of Stratton St Margaret. Fisher, Judith daughter of William Fisher, Gentleman of Sherborne, Dorset (I4899)
2715 Year of birth calculated from death notice. Brandon, Joshua (Rodrigues) West India merchant in London (I52)
2716 Year of birth calculated from her marriage bond is c 1646, so perhaps her age as listed in marriage bond is transcibed incorrectly. There is clearly an Elizabeth Loveden daughter of Edward Loveden of Buscot and Jane Seymour born 1637 (before the 1664 Visitiation of Berkshire). Are the two Elizabeths are the same person? It seems likely, given that Jane Seymour her mother would be approximately 47 when she gave birth if the later birth year was correct. Loveden, Elizabeth of Buscot, Berkshire (I1522)
2717 Year of birth calculated from memorial inscription in Wanborough Church. Hinton, Anthony of Earlscott, Wanborough, WIltshire (I2493)
2718 Year of birth calculated from Sarum Marriage Allegation. Tayler, William of Minety, Gloucestershire (I1526)
2719 Year of birth calculated from Sarum Marriage Allegation. Loveden, Penelope (I2363)
2720 Year of birth calculated from Sarum Marriage Allegation. Loveden, Joan (I2364)
2721 Year of death as given in 1664 Visitation of Berkshire. Loveden, Edward of Buscot (I1523)
2722 Year of marriage according to Moray District Council Archives - libindx index [YET TO BE VERIFIED FROM A PRIMARY SOURCE] Family (F1177)
2723 Year of marriage calculated from the statement in 1911 census form that Maggie and Tom's marriage had lasted 45 years.  Family (F22)
2724 Year yet to be verified from a primary source. Family (F967)
2726 YET TO BE VERIFIED Family (F911)
2727 Yet to be verified by checking Robert Parr's will. There was also a George Parr married Alice the same year in Salthouse and a Richard Marr married Alice (perhaps a mistake for Parr).
One early reference to a Parr of Salthouse, Norfolk is a Thomas Parr, shoemaker a defendant in a trial in 1483. [ ] 
Parr, ?Robert of Salthouse, Norfolk (I5009)
2728 [An English Family through Eight Centuries: The Warnefords, by Francis Warneford and Elisabeth McDougall 1991] Warneford, Oliver Recusant, died in exile in Ireland (I2491)
2729 [Cyclopedia of NZ] MR. ANTILL ALFRED ADLEY, who is an old colonist and a long-standing Canterbury settler, and the son of the Rev. William Adley, late of South Wales, was born in Ceylon in 1832, and was educated at King William's College, Isle of Man. At the age of nineteen he sailed for Lyttelton in the ship “Castle Eden,” settled in Christchurch, was employed in the grocery trade with Mr. George Gould (afterwards Gould and Miles), and three years later with Mr. J. S. White, of Kaiapoi. For a short time, subsequently, he had a goldfields' experience at Gabriel's Gully, Otago, and on his return to Canterbury was for a short time employed in business as a grocer. Mr. Adley entered into boarding-house keeping on the site of the Oxford Hotel, which he built in 1860, and conducted for twelve years, retiring in 1873, when he purchased property at Opawa. Mr. Adley was married, in 1858, to the widow of the late Mr. East, of Oxford, England. She died in 1890, leaving one son, Mr. H. A. Adley, joint agent and attorney of the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co., and secretary of the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce.

Adley, Antill Alfred arrived Canterbury on "Castle Eden" 1851 (I176)
2730 [Death certificate, courtesy Helen Innes]: Kensington District, Brompton Sub-District - James Galbraith, died 1 Apr 1892 at 66 Redcliffe Gardens, male, age 67 years, of independent means, cause of death (i) congestion of kidneys (6 days), (ii) pleurisy left lung (5 days), (iii) pneumonia lobar left lung (4 days) (certified), informant James Galbraith, son, present at death, residence 66 Redcliffe Gardens. Galbraith, James arrived in Otago on the "Gil Blas" 1856, M.P.C. Otago, Hotelier and property investor (I49)
2731 [Elgin Courant, and Morayshire Advertiser - 22 Nov 1889] DEATHS. GRANT —At 3, North Guildry Street, Elgin, on the 15th instant, James Arthur Grant, eldest son of Mr W. M. Grant. Grant, James Arthur Draper's assistant in Elgin (I129)
2732 [Lyttelton Times 22 August 1916]
OBITUARY - FREDERICK CHARLES EAST. The death occurred yesterday of Mr Frederick Charles East, an old resident of Christchurch and very well known in connection with horticulture. Mr East, who was born in Oxford, England, seventy-one . years ago, came to New Zealand with his mother and brothers in the Glen tanner in 1857, and the family settled in Christchurch. In his early years Mr East was an enthusiastic member of the first Volunteer company formed in Canterbury, and always took a keen interest in the defence movement, being secretary of the Bluejumpers' Association, the body of old Volunteers which up to a few years ago held an annual celebration of tho first camp held at Hillsborough. When quite a young man ho entered the employ of the Lyttelton Times Company, and having shown considerable promise as an artist, was appointed a draughtsman. Later he held the position of factory manager. For many years 1 Mr East led a very active life, and in the dosing years of his association with the company was appointed head of the reading staff, a position which he relinquished a few years ago. In his youth Mr East was a fine horseman, and it is interesting to recall that in the early days of racing in Canterbury he won tho second Derby, run in 1863, on Azucona, the property of Mr H. P. Lance. Mr East was also a singer of some merit, and was for many years a member of St Luke’s choir. He was a photographer; and in the early days of tho science made many valuable pictures of scenes in Christchurch that have become historic. Mr East took some of the first photographs published in the Canterbury Times. But it was as an horticulturist that he was best known. Always a keen lover of flowers, he devoted many years to the study of botany, and the culture of blooms, and was year after year a consistent winner of prizes- His collections of ferns, palms and orchids were among tho finest belonging to amateurs in the Dominion. He took a great interest in the Horticultural Society and was for many years a most active member. He leaves a widow and a family of two. daughters and five sons, one of whom, is Mr F. H. East, tho well-known stationer. Two brothers, Mr A. E. P. East of Merivale, and the Rev H. E. East of Leithfield. survive him, the eldest brother, Mr F. W. East, of Prebbleton, having died a few months ago. 
East, Frederick Charles of Christchurch, artist, photographer, horticultualist (I181)
2733 [Lyttelton Times 24 Dec 1890]

MRS ADLEY, OPAWA. There died at her residence, Cherwell, Opawa, yesterday, a lady who will be greatly missed by her large family circle had many acquaintances. Mrs Adley, formerly Mrs East, the lady in question, came' to this settlement in 1857 with her four sons, having left home a widow, in tho hope of offering them opportunities which were not easy to secure there. Arrived here in the ship Glentanner, Mrs East, by her industry and estimable qualities, was soon enabled to place her sons in good positions, including another one, Mr F. C. East, who had subsequently arrived here. She had secured the freehold of the property in Colombo street on which the Oxford Hotel now stands, where she resided, and having thus provided for her family, .she married Mr Adley, who built tho original hotel, which the worthy couple managed for several years with success, winning the respect of all with whom they came in contact. They subsequently let the hotel and went to reside on their property at Opawa, whore Mrs Adley has just died. During her residence there she was an indefatigable worker for the good of the neighbourhood, always assisting in any church work both in Opawa and in the parish of St Mary’s, Addington, of which her son, the Rev H. B. East, is incumbent. In both of these parishes she commanded great esteem, and will be greatly missed. Four sons by the former marriage survive her, viz., Mr F. W. East, of Prebbleton, Messrs F. C. and A. East, lithographers, who have been long and favourably known in the Lyttelton Times Office, and the Rev H. B. East, to all of whom she has been a true parent. She also leaves one sou by the second marriage. Though living to the advanced age of nearly seventy-three, Mrs Adley has kept her health and has been active to the last, and her death, though anticipated, was a sad blow to the family. She passed away peacefully. Her remains will be interred at four o’clock to-day in the Heathcote cemetery, and the Ven Archdeacon Cholmondeley and the Rev C. J. Merton will officiate, both being very old friends of tho family. Mr Adiey, who was a sou of the Rev Antill Adley, rector of Pembroke, North Wales, is to be greatly sympathised with in his bereavement, as the worthy couple have been devoted companions during the declining years of their lives. 
Clapton, Sarah m(2) Antill Adley and started the Oxford Hotel, Christchurch (Oxford-on-Avon) (I28)
2734 [per Burke's Landed Gentry] Bowen, John of Farahy and Kilbolane House, Co. Cork (I360)
2735 [per Burke's Landed Gentry] Bowen, Sarah of Farahy, Co. Cork (I357)
2736 [per Burke's Landed Gentry] Power, Helen (I401)
2737 [Press 30 Dec 1935] OBITUARY
MR H. A. ADLEY The death of Mr Cecil (Harry) Antill Adley occurred at his home, 91 Hawthorne street, on Saturday, at the age of 63 years. Mr Adley was well known in business and musical circles in Christchurch. Mr Adley’s father, Mr Antill Alfred Adley, arrived in Christchurch in 1851 and Mr Adley was born here in 1863. His education was private and he later entered the insurance business. He was on the staff of the Christchurch branch of the Liverpool, London, and Globe Company from 1885, and later became the company’s joint agent and attorney. He also occupied the position of secretary to the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce for 25 years. For more than 20 years he held the position of secretary to the Fire Underwriters’ Association, a position from which he retired only a few years ago. He also served on the committee of the association for a number of years. Music claimed a lot of Mr Adley's spare time, and he was for many years j a member of the Royal Christchurch , Musical Society, being the secretary for three terms and holding that position at the time of his death. He was also a member of the Liedertafel for a long term. From 1893 to 1915 he was organist at St. Barnabas’ Anglican Church, Fendalton, and for the last 20 years he had been organist at the Redcliffs Anglican Church. He was also a member of the old Fendalton Dramatic Club. Mr Adley married a daughter of the late Colonel F. T. Wroughton of the Indian Army, in 1888. Mrs Adley died some time ago, and Mr Adley is survived by two daughters.  
Adley, Cecil Antill (Harry) Businessman & Organist in Christchurch (I177)
2738 [Press 7 Apr 1919] OBITUARY - THE REV. H. E. EAST. The Rev. Herbert Edward East, Vicar of Leithfield, whose death occurred on Saturday, had served longer in the Chfistchurch diocese than any other clergyman holding a living in the diocese. Born at Oxford, England, in March, 1849, he came to New Zoaland with his mother and brothers in the early sixties. He subsequently took up work as a compositor in the employ of the Lyttelton Times Company, at the same time reading for Holy Orders. Ho was ordained deacon by the late Bishop Harper in 1872, matriculated in 1873, and was ordained priest in 1875. In that year, having been for three years curate of Governor's Bay, he was appointed curate of Addington and Halswell, and held that living until Easter, 1892. During that period notable improvements were made in both parts of the parish, the churches being enlarged, and the building of a find lych gate at Halswell being a notable event. In 1892, just twenty-seven years ago, Mr East became vicar of Leithfield, the parish including Balcairn, Sefton, Ashley, Loburn, and North Loburn, and even extending to the White Rock and Mount _ Thomas stations, where monthly services were hold. The vicar's Sunday duty on certain days meant a drive of about thirty miles, during which three or four rivers had to be crossed. In recent years the distances were curtailed to some extent, but until illness compelled him to rest, a few weeks ago, he held regular services in five churches. Three of these were built while Mr East was in the parish, one taking the place of an older building, and two being built in townships where services had previously been held in schoolrooms. The vicar's keen interest in every part of his parish encouraged the people, with the result that the appointments and furnishings of the various churches were brought to a point of excellence rarely attained in country parishes. A broad churchman, Mr East was in thorough sympathy with the people among whom he .ministered, and the feeling expressed by many of them to-day is that they have lost a dear friend. Speaking a few weeks ago concerning Mr East's illness, one of his oldest parishioners said simply: His unselfish devotion as our minister won our respect, but we have learned to love him as our friend.

Perhaps the life of this country vicar may be epitomised by the quotation of a letter which a parishioner,with most kindly thought, wrote to him a few days before his death:— Dear Mr East, —Do please permit me to thank you very much indeed for the substantial benefits which I have long felt I have been deriving from my close contact with your most lovable personality. Your influence has left many impressions upon my character, and I am grateful to you for those impressions. They have reference largely to general outlook upon life and manners. You have set before me and all who know you a splendid example of cultured and noble manhood. You have also typified, in, perhaps, its most lovable shape, the broad, tolerant, and genial spirit of Anglicanism. I consider that my intercourse with you has been a unique advantage and benefit to my life.-.

Apart from his parish work, Mr East was always active in many ways. So far as the Church was concerned, he did good work for a number of years as editor of the Church News, in which he made great improvements. Undertaking the editorship at a time when the -Church News was a small publication. -with a circulation of a few hundred copies, he transformed its style and appearance, and made it really the magazine of the diocese. For the past twenty-three years he had been clerical secretary of the Christchurch Diocesan Synod, and for almost as long a period secretary of the Northern Archdeaconry Clerical Conference. He fulfilled the duties of these offices with the same zeal and devotion that marked all his work, and his interest in the life of the district in which he lived was equally keen. For the past ten years he had been chairman of the Kowai Cemetery Board, and. during the greater part of that period he also held office as chairman of the Leithfield School Committee. Throughout the war period, and until his death, he was president of the Leithfield Patriotic and Red Cross Association; indeed, it was seldom that any movement for the public good was undertaken in the district without his help.

East, Rev. Herbert Edward Vicar of Leithfield, Canterbury (I178)
2739 [Sun (Christchurch) 15 January 1916]
Mr Frank William East died at Prebbleton yesterday at the age of 74 years. He was very well known and respected, having resided in the district over 50 years. Early in his career Mr East was a threshing mill owner, and later was employed as a clerk to the Lincoln Road Board, and a returning officer for Courtenay and the old Lincoln electorate. He was a prominent lodge man, being a Freemason, a member of the District Grand Lodge, E.G., Grand Steward of the New Zealand Grand Lodge, founder of Lodge Lincoln in 1880, and for over 40 years a member of Lodge Canterbury.

[Lyttelton Times 15 January 1916]
FRANK WILLIAM EAST. An old and greatly respected settler died yesterday in the person of Mr. Frank William East, of Prebbleton. Mr East was born at Oxford (England) in 1844, and with his mother and his brothers arrived at Lyttelton by the ship Glentanner in 1857. Some years after his arrival he took part in Gabriel's Gully rush, and later visited Greymouth, with results not altogether satisfactory. Returning to Canterbury Mr/East started as a threshing miller. In 1882 he was appointed clerk to the old Lincoln Road Board, and in 1902 , acted as returning-officer for the Courtenay electorate. Mr East was prominent as a Freemason, being a member of the District Grand Lodge, English Constitution, and, forty years, ago, a member of the Lodge Canterbury. He was a founder of the Lincoln Lodge in 1880 and was Past Grand Steward of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand. Mrs East, who survives her husband, was Miss Monk. The funeral will place tomorrow afternoon. 
East, Frank William of Prebbleton, Canterbury (I182)
2740 [Translated from Welsh] Hughes. — October 6th, at 57, Norwood Grove Liverpool, Annie, widow of Thomas Hughes, pilot, and daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Owen, Parys House, Amlwch. [Y Clorianydd 16 Oct 1918] Owen, Annie (I71)
2741 [Year as given in Burke's Landed Gentry] Family (F177)

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