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101 1906 deaths in the district of Dennistoun in the county of Lanark: Joseph Leslie, House Painter, widower of Agnes Mair, died 19 Apr 1906 at 7.40pm at Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow (res) [i.e. resident], male age 82 years, father Joseph Leslie, weaver decd, mother Mary Leslie maiden surname McIntrye decd, died of senility, bronchitis (certified), informant S J Moreland, House Steward
[NOTE: as the Stobhill Hospital was a Poor Law Hospital, this information as to the parentage etc of Joseph would have been taken from him on admission sometime before and therefore should be the most accurate information we have]  
Leslie, Joseph House painter in Glasgow (I492)
102 1908: Death. RILEY.—On the 10th April, at the residence of his son-in-law, 167 Maclaggan street, James Riley, late of Green Island; aged 74 years. Riley, James Dairy farmer at Green Island Bush, Dunedin (I19)
103 1911 marriages in the district of Kelvin in the burgh of Glasgow: married 4 Aug 1911 at 17 Wilton Mansions, Glasgow after banns according to the forms of the United Free Church
John Edward Qualter, steel worker, bachelor, age 30, usual address 19 Harley Street, Higher Openshaw, Manchester, father Alfred Qualter labourer - Corporation Gas, mother Margaret Qualter maiden surname Burrows.
Agnes Binnie Leithhead, spinster, age 28, usual address 72 Dunard Street, Glasgow, father David Leithhead upholsterer decd, mother Christina Leithhead maiden surname Robertson.
Archibald F Campbell, minister of Grant Street U. F. Church
Witnesses James Alfred Qualter, Christina Leithhead Henderson [sister of Agnes]
Family (F1641)
104 1913 deaths in the district of Calton in the Burgh of Glasgow: Agnes Frame, married to (i) Neil Mathieson, Tailor, (ii) George Frame, Golf greenkeeper, died 24 Jul 1913 4am at 134 Claythorn Street, Glasgow, age 56, father Thomas Chalmers Leslie [sic] blacksmith [sic] decd, mother Agnes Leslie maiden surname Mair decd, of carcimona of bowel (6 mtths), certified, informant Agnes Gillies, daughter, present.  Leslie, Agnes aka Agnes Chalmers (I491)
105 1926 marriage in the district of Timaru: 22 June 1926 at Sacred Heart Church, Timaru
William O'Donoghue, age 62, retired farmer, widower, first wife died 28 Sep 1920, born County Kerry, Ireland, present and usual residence Timaru, father Maurice O'Donoghue farmer, mother Bridget O'Donoghue maiden surname Dee
Catherine Mary Treacey, age 39, domestic duties, widow, first husband died 6th Oct 1921, born County Limerick, Ireland, present and usual residence Timaru, father Patrick Henry Borrie farmer, mother Mary Borrie maiden surname [Hederman]
W J Peoples, officiating minister
Witnesses: T Goldstone, domestic duties, Timaru and L Attridge, home duties, Timaru.
Family (F1394)
106 1928 deaths in the district of Gourock in the county of Renfrew: Joseph leslie or Chalmers, carpenter (retired), married to Catherine Macfarlane Currie, died 25 June 1928 at 49 Kempock Street, Gourock (usual residence 22 Merryland Street, Govan), male, age 74 years, father Joseph Leslie house painter decd, mother Agnes Leslie subsequently Chalmers maiden surname Mair decd, died of cerebral influenza 6 days, cardiac failure (certified), informant James Miller, son in law, 38 Wood Street, Partick. Leslie, Joseph aka Joseph Leslie Chalmers, Shipwright in Glasgow (I831)
107 1929 deaths in the district of Kelvin in the burgh of Glasgow: Christina Leithhead (widow of David Leithhead, upholsterer (journeyman)), died 17 Apr 1929 at 10pm at 72 Dunard Street, Glasgow, female aged 84 years, father Thomas Robertson ironmoulder decd, mother Catherine Robertson maiden surname Cameron decd, cause of death cardiac valvular disease, bronchitis (certified), informant Christina Boyd, daughter, 6 Albany Street, Glasgow, present at death. Robertson, Christina McGregor (I593)
108 1937 deaths in the district of Maryhill in the burgh of Glasgow: Elizabeth Andrew Mitchell (widow of William Mitchell, Lithographic Printer), died 19 Oct 1937 at 6.15am at 31 Raeberry Street, Glasgow, female, age 68 years, father David Leithhead upholsterer decd, mother Christina McGregor Leithhead maiden surname Robertson decd, died of Arteriosclerosis, cereral haemorrhage (certified), informant Jessie Mitchell, daughter, present at death. Leithhead, Elizabeth Andrew (Bessy) (I497)
109 1937 marriage in the district of Christchurch: 29th March 1937 at Roman Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch
Maurice O'Donoghue, age 47, salesman, widower, first wife died 25th October 1931, born Timaru, present and usual residence Christchurch, father William O'Donoghue farmer, mother Mary O'Donoghue maiden surname Dore
Annie Evelyn Nelsen, age 43, no occupation, widow, first husband died 29th Sep 1933, born Sydney NSW, present and usual residence Christchurch, father William Elijah Smith contractor, mother Annie Smith maiden surname Dalton
P [Twoomey?], officiating minister
Witnesses: C M Smith, 31 Fitzgerald St, St Albans, housewife and Vincent C Smith, 31 Fitzgerald St, St Albans, chemist. 
Family (F1480)
110 30 June 1683:
Settlement on the marriage of John Poore the younger to Hester daughter of Thomas Kemble: covenant by John Poore the elder gent. of Timsbury and John his son to stand seized of the manors of Stratton St. Margaret and Stratton late Jones, to the uses declared.[Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, Reference: 1461/493 and 494] 
Family (F1923)
111 ???? May have had a sister Julia Prendiville, as we have a DNA ????match with her descendants. Julia was apparently born c 6 Mar 1808 Co Kerry married in Ireland to Thomas O'Brien and had three children in Ireland. She may have m (2) John Wallace. Her children included Mary H m Bartholomew Diggins (a Causeway, Co Kerry name also). One source says not 100% sure her name was Prendiville - given the DNA match this seems likely, but if not, then it was surely Donoghue. Julia died 26 Nov 1879 at Washington DC, USA. There is a photo of Julia here:
O'BRIEN. On November 26th, 1879, in the seventieth year of her age, Mrs. JULIA O'BRIEN, a native of Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland, and a resident of Capitol Hill for the last twenty-five years. Her friends and relatives are respectfully invited to attend her funeral at 9 o'clock a.m. on Friday morning, November 28th, 1879, from the residence of her son-in-law, Bartholomew Diggins, 743 Sixth street southeast, and thence to requiem mass at St. Peter's church.
[Paper: Evening Star, published as The Evening Star.; Date: Wednesday, November 26, 1879; Page: 3; Location: Washington (DC), District of Columbia]
Unconfirmed data claims her maiden name might have been Prendeville.
Inscription: Sacred to the memory of Our Mother Julia Wallace A native of Tralee Co. Kerry IRELAND Died Nov. 26, 1879 Aged 70 yrs. 
Prendiville, Honora (I537)
112 A ?son published: A Photographic Album of Culross and Vicinity. Published by John Penney, Merchant, Culross, 1900 Penney, John Kirk Schoolmaster of Culross, Fife (I54)
113 A death occurred last night under somewhat peculiar circumstances, the actual cause being an accidental cut on the arm. The deceased, Mr. John Petrie Speed, held the post of collector and canvasser for Messrs. Taylor and Erskine's bottling establishment, Courtenay Place. About a fortnight ago, he accidentally slipped and fell on a broken glass bottle, cutting his arm rather severely, a small piece being taken clean out, and one of the muscles slightly wounded. The cut was dressed, and he complained of but little pain, going about his work as usual. On Tuesday last, he complained of sore throat, and fancied he had caught cold. He became rapidly worse, however, and had to take to his bed, frequent spasms, apparently of a tetanic nature, setting in. Yesterday morning unmistakable symptoms of traumatic tetanus appeared, and in the afternoon he succumbed to its effects. Dr. Harding who was in constant attendance did all that was possible to relieve his sufferings, but without avail. The deceased was about forty-five years of age. He came from Nelson a year or two ago, and has relatives at that place and in Marlborough. He leaves a widow and five children, we regret to learn none too well provided for. [Evening Post 30 June 1877] Speed, John Petrie Wine & Spirit merchant in Nelson, Hotel-keeper in Motueka, arrived in NZ c 1862 (I12)
114 A John Power was High Sheriff of Galway in 1689. Power, Col. John MP for Charleville, Jacobite, attainted 1691 (I182)
115 A leading, or if not the leading, officer of the Earl of Leicester's household 1566 - 1588 [Household Accounts and Disbursement Books of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester:
By Robert Dudley]. Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, was the favourite of Queen Elizabeth I. 
Browne, Sir Richard MP, Master of the Royal Household and Cofferer (I2317)
116 A plaque was erected to Burgoyne and the crew of HMS Captain in St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. Burgoyne, Captain Hugh Talbot RN, VC (I2900)
117 A puzzling entry, but perhaps the baptism of Priscilla - odd given Priscilla was a middle child in the family:
Stow on the Wold baptisms: 1842 Jan 30th, Priscilla, illegitimate daughter of Mary Williams, residence Stow workhouse. [TO BE CHECKED!] 
Williams, Priscilla (I24)
118 A son John is recorded in an 1848 workhouse discharge entry. Rumsey, John (I5089)
119 A son or maybe a grandson??? of Henry Keating. Thomas mentions in his will an Uncle William Keating, but William the attorney (brother of Henry was long dead and so why would he be mentioned in the 1764 will of Thomas?) Keating, Thomas Coachmaker in Dublin, built houses in Merrion Square (I664)
120 A very religious man; one of 'Na Daoine' ('the Men') of Urquhart. Session Clerk (from c 1801) and elder (from 1811) in Urquhart MacKenzie, William Squarewright (cabinetmaker) in Lewiston, Glenurquhart and Session clerk (I17)
121 A woman named Rose Donnelly, late of Campbell's Gully, expired rather suddenly, at the Hospital, on Tuesday last. She was suffering from bronchitis, occasioned by exposure to the severe cold at Campbell’s diggings. The deceased woman resolutely passed the whole of last winter in that inhospitable quarter. [Dunstan Times 2 Oct 1868]

BLACKS. October 9th. A former resident of Blacks — a respectable woman — lately died from the effects of inclement weather. She died at Campbell's diggings, which are remarkable for having the coldest climate in the Dunstan district. She was the sole female resident of Campbells, and used, to sell spirits to the few miners there. Her mercantile ambition was satisfied, for she died with a competency; but her loss is a lesson to all who would go and do likewise. [Otago Daily Times 14 Oct 1868] 
Galbraith, Rosannah (Rose) Hotelier in Victoria, Otago Goldfields storekeeper (I46)
122 Abbey burials: buried 8 Jun 1843, James Ewing, weaver, Brediland, born Sneddon, died of old age, age 85 Ewing, James Silk weaver in Paisley (I58)
123 Abbey OPR: The child's mortcloth to the corpse of Agness Ewing, daughetr to James Ewing, lying in, [Scrighhill], 10d Ewing, Agnes (I438)
124 Abbey parish marriages:
11 Aug 1851 William Sharp in the High parish and Margaret Ewing in this parish have been regularly Proclaimed in order to marriage and no objection made. 3 days. 
Family (F25)
125 Abbey parish, Paisley baptisms:
Dec 1751 - Jan. d.l. to James Ewin and Margrat Maxwel, born 19th bapt 19th inst. 
Ewing, Janet died young? (I436)
126 Abbey parish, Paisley baptisms:
Ewing - Andrew l.s. & Catherine l.d. of John Ewing and Margaret Sproul, born 10, regd 27 Sep 1850
[NOTE: this entry is made in a page containing miscellaneous entries 1848-1850 and then one entry 1854 and a few entries 1855. I think the year is mistaken] 
Ewing, Andrew (twin) (I451)
127 Abbey parish, Paisley baptisms:
Ewing - Andrew l.s. & Catherine l.d. of John Ewing and Margaret Sproul, born 10, regd 27 Sep 1850
[NOTE: this entry is made in a page containing miscellaneous entries 1848-1850 and then one entry 1854 and a few entries 1855. I think the year is mistaken] 
Ewing, Catherine (twin) (I452)
128 Abbey parish, Paisley baptisms:
James l.s. to James Ewing and Margaret Maxwell, born 27th [Dec 1757] and baptised 1st Jan 1758. 
Ewing, James Silk weaver in Paisley (I58)
129 Abbey parish, Paisley baptisms:
Jan 1755 - Agnes d.l. to James Ewing and Margrat Maxwell, born 15th bapt 16th inst. 
Ewing, Agnes (I438)
130 Abbey parish, Paisley baptisms:
John l.s. to James Ewing & Margaret Barr [sic - Baird] born 18 baptd 23 May - Ewing  
Ewing, John Shawl weaver in Bredilandmoor, Paisley (I54)
131 Abbey parish, Paisley baptisms:
Jun 1788 - Thomas s.l. to James Euing and Margaret Baird, born the 7th and bapt the 13th inst. 
Ewing, Thomas (I428)
132 Abbey parish, Paisley baptisms:
Mar 1762 - John s.l. to James Ewin and Margt Maxwel, born 9th bapt 11th inst. 
Ewing, John (I439)
133 Abbey parish, Paisley baptisms:
Sep 1753 - James l.s. to James Ewing and Margrat Maxwel, born 4th bapt 9th inst. 
Ewing, James died young? (I437)
134 Aberdeen Journal 11 Jun 1924:
MILITARY FUNERAL AT ABERLOUR. The funeral of Mr James Fraser, son of the late Mr Donald Fraser and Mrs Fraser, Kingsteps, Nairn, took place to [at?] Aberlour on Monday afternoon. He was an ex-service man and was badly wounded, going to Aberlour to recuperate, about a year ago. He was 41 years of age and leaves a widow and young child. The Rev. J R Dey, U. F. Church, conducted the services, and a piper played a lament. 
Fraser, James Stonemason in Nairn, badly wounded WW1 (I795)
135 Aberdeen Journal 1785: 14th February. Died at Oldmeldrum, of this date, in the 83rd year of her age, Mrs Mary Cumine, daughter to John Cumine of Kininmonth, and relict of Alexander Garioch of Kinstair.  Cumine, Mary (I4314)
136 Aberdeen Journal 1790: 13th March. Here, in the 75th year of her age, the Hon. Sophia Forbes, daughter to the late James Lord Forbes, and widow of Charles Cumine, Esq. of Kininmonth.  Forbes, Sophia (dau of James, 15th Lord Forbes) (I4308)
137 Aberdeen Journal 1803: 30th May. At Kininmonth, James Cumine, Esq. of Kininmontn.  Cumine, James 4th of Kininmonth (I4309)
138 Aberdeen Journal 1821: 5th November. Here, Miss Rebecca Cumine, youngest daughter of Charles Cumine of Kininmonth.  Cumine, Rebecca (youngest daughter) (I4313)
139 Aberdeen Journal 1827: 22nd January. Here. Miss Ann Cumine,
daughter of the late Charles Cumine of Kininmonth, aged 87. 
Cumine, Ann (I4312)
140 Aberdeen Journal 1839: 17 Dec, At Balmade, King Edward, Mrs Taylor, relict of George [sic - Alexander] Taylor of Balmade, & sister german of Chief Justice Reid, Canada, in her 72nd year. Reid, Anne (I71)
141 Aberdeen Press and Journal - 25 Dec 1861:
DEATHS - At New Deer, on the 13th instant, in the 87th year of her age, Bathia Reid, sister of the late Chief Justice Reid, Montreal, N. America, and relict of the late Mr John Copland, Peterhead. For fifty-three years she practised midwifery, and brought into the world upwards of 3,000 children.  
Reid, Bathia (I690)
142 Aberdeen Press and Journal - Friday 13 May 1921:
OBITUARY. MR GRANT, KIRKCUDBRIGHT. FORMER BANFFSHIRE ROAD SURVEYOR The death took place at Blinkbonnie, Kirkcudbright, at the end of last week, of Mr Robert Grant, late county road surveyor, at the advanced age 86. Mr Grant was a native Morayshire, having been born at Forres 1835. He served his apprenticeship land surveyor and civil engineer in the office of the late P. Macbey, Elgin. As a young man, he was engaged in estate surveying in different parts the north of Scotland, and surveying the routes for railway lines. Among the railway routes mapped out by him were the track for the Highland Railway Company in Caithness, and the alternate proposals for the G.N.S.R. coast route. gave up land surveying for health reasons, and took road surveying its stead. From 1874 - 1883 he acted as road surveyor for the lower district of being recognised extremely capable and efficient official. In 1883 he secured the appointment of road surveyor for the county of Kirkcudbright, a position which he occupied for the long period of 23 years, retiring in 1906, and taking up residence in Kirkcudbright. Mr Grant is survived by a widow and grown-up family four — two sons and two daughters. The elder son, Mr William Grant, M.A., Lecturer Phonetics at the Aberdeen Training Centre, while the younger is road surveyor for the county of Sutherland. One of the daughters is married to Mr James Brown, managing director Scott's Engineering Works, Greenock.  
Grant, Robert Civil Engineer, Surveyor in Kirkcudbright (I168)
143 Aberdeen Press and Journal 1 Dec 1819: Deaths - Died at Greishop near Forres, on 26th ult., MR WILLIAM ANDERSON, Teacher in Forres, much regretted.  Anderson, William Schoolmaster in Forres (I72)
144 Aberdeen Press and Journal 15 September 1941: LATE ANNOUNCEMENTS - DEATH: GRANT.—On 13th September, 1941, at Culbard Street, Elgin, Marion Gordon Grant, only daughter of the late Mr W. Grant, draper, Elgin. Funeral to the Cemetery, Elgin, on Tuesday, 16th curt., at 2 p.m. This the only intimation and invitation. Grant, Marion Gordon Photographer in Elgin (I131)
145 Aberdeen Press and Journal 22 Oct 1834: Births. At Inverie, on the 5th inst the Lady of Aeneas Ranaldson Macdonell of Glengarry and Clanranald, of a son and heir. Macdonell, Alexander Ranaldson 17th of Glengarry, Partner in Culverden Station, North Canterbury, NZ (I4185)
146 Aberdeen Press and Journal 27 Aug 1862: DEATHS... At Lyttelton [sic - Dunedin], New Zealand, on the 2nd June, Alexander Ranaldson Macdonell, Esq. of Glengarry and Clanranald.  Macdonell, Alexander Ranaldson 17th of Glengarry, Partner in Culverden Station, North Canterbury, NZ (I4185)
147 Aberdeen Press and Journal 3 Apr 1816:
Married at Tannachy, on the 23rd March, Louis Suter, Esq. Marcassie, late Adjutant of the 44th Regiment of Foot, to Jane, eldest daughter of Captain George Kay, of Tannachy.  
Family (F517)
148 Aberdeenshire epitaphs and inscriptions : with historical, biographical, genealogical, and antiquarian notes, by John A. Henderson 1907:


A tablestone bears:
To the memory of James Cumine of Kininmonth, who died May, 1803, aged 67. Also of May Ferguson, his spouse, who died November, 1770, aged 34 years, and of Elizabeth, Charles, and Sophia Cumine, their children, who all died young. As also of Charles Cumine of Kininmonth, father of the said decease James Cumine, who died anno 1764. aged 57. And of May Cumine, his daughter, and Alexander Cumine, his brother, both long since deceased, all interred in this place. This stone is erected by Alexander Russel of Moncoffer and Margaret Cumine, his spouse, daughter of the above-mentioned James Cumine. 1822.

The lands of Kininmonth were for a time in the hands of a branch of the Gordons, and thereafter of the Hays of Delgaty. In 1584. William Hay of Delgaty granted a charter to Elizabeth Keith, elder daughter of Robert Keith, Commendator of Deir, in life rent, and to Alexander Hay, his elder son and heir-apparent, of the said lands, including Mill of Perskow or Denend. (Reg. Mag. Sig. V., 1626.) William Hay of Delgaty and Kininmonth played an important part as agent and counsel for Bothwell when charged with the murder of Darnley. He espoused the cause of Montrose, and was present at the defeat at Invercharron. He was captured and beheaded 7th June, 1650. Shortly afterwards Kininmonth is found in the possession of the Cumines, a branch of the original Buchan family of that surname. Gavin Cumine — the first of the new sept — married Katherine, daughter of John Hay of Seafield — the dowry of the bride being one thousand pounds Scots. John Cumine, their son, succeeded. He married Mary Keith, of the Marischal family, and their son Charles became laird, and married Sophia, daughter of James, 15th Lord Forbes. He rebuilt the mansion house of Kininmonth, in 1740. Five years later he and his brother Alexander joined the rebels at Edinburgh, but through the intervention of powerful relatives were afterwards pardoned. Charles Cumine died in 1764, and was succeeded by his son James, who married May Ferguson of Kinmundy, who died in 1770 at the age of 34, as stated in the above inscription. In 1792, Margaret Cumine, elder daughter of this marriage, married Alexander Russell, son of Russell of Montcoffer, and thereby carried the property to the Russell family. The present proprietor is Major-General F. S. Russell, C.M.G., of Aden. Many of these particidars were contributed by Rev. Andrew Chalmers, Wakefield, who also generously allowed extracts to be taken from his very complete sketch, The Manor of Kininmonth.
Cumming, Gavin 1st of Kininmonth (in Longmay) (I4302)
149 Abertarff baptisms: 1761 Febry 8th This day John McNiel alias McDonell Butcher in Fort Augustus had a child baptised named Donald. Macdonell alias McNeil, Donald presumably died young (I4211)
150 Abstracts of Wills
117 - KEATING, NICHOLAS, Dublin, Esq. [Date not recorded]. Full 4 pp. 17 Nov. 1752.
To be buried in St. Mary's church.
Hon. Arthur Dawson and William Vesey, Esq., trustees.
William Trench, second son of my niece Mrs. Frances Trench otherwise Power, wife of Richard Trench of Streamstown, Co. Galway, Esq.
David Trench eldest son of said niece Frances.
My brother-in-law David Power, Esq.
To my sister in-law Mrs. Hester Keating £50 for mourning for herself and family.
To said nephew Richard Trench all my books, globes and mathematical instruments.
Lucy Allenson, dau. of my cousin John Allenson late of Chester.
My aunt Ann Barrett's children.
My cousin John Barrett.
Thomas Keating, Dublin, carpenter, now employed by me in receiving my rents; his children.
My god-daughter and grandniece Hester Trench,
her father the said Richard Trench.
Mrs. Mary McDonnell and her daughter Susanna Keating now in my house.
Said trustees and niece Frances and nephew Richard Trench exors.
£30 to poor of parish of St. Mary's, Dublin. Hospital, Dublin.
£30 to Blue Coat
My estates in counties Dublin, Catherlogh and Kilkenny and my estate called Butterbach in the Palatinate of Chester.
Every person or persons who shall be possessed of my real estate shall take the surname of Keating and transfer the same to their children.
My leasehold interest in St. Mary's Abby, to wit the house I now dwell in which I hold by lease from Mr. Christopher Taylor deceased, and house held by Widow Crawford which I hold from Thomas Tilson, Esq. Witnesses: Alexander Thompson, plumber, Thomas Gordon and Will Devall, notary public, all of Dublin, Memorial witnessed by: James Saunders, William Hall. 157, 458, 105477 Frances Power otherwise Trench (seal)

Although the will is not dated, we know that the primary heir, William Power Keating Trench son of Richard Trench and Frances Power, was b 1741, so will likely made not long before Nicholas died - late 1740s or early 1750s.  
Keating, Nicholas BA (TCD), Attorney in Dublin, left lands to the Trench family (I248)

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